This 17" cutaway archtop is 100% original and was the 17th guitar built by W. G. Barker himself in his first shop in Toledo, Ohio in 1966. It was refretted a few years ago at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and plays flawlessly and effortlessly up and down the neck. It comes with Kluson Sealfast tuners, it's original gold Model 1100 Adjustable DeArmond Rhythm Chief pickup installed with a neck rod, volume pod, and 1/8" jack as Barker fitted on all of his archtops. It will arrive in it's original Lifton hard shell case (in excellent condition, with original case keys).

Personal Note: As you can see from the photos there is crazing/checking throughout the finish and the clearcoat has beome a bit foggy in a few places (see headstock). This isn't a collector guitar (if it were, it would be priced at $6,500.00), it is a PLAYER guitar (hense the affordable price tag). It plays and sounds like an archtop should with a good midrage volume unplugged and minimal on-stage feeding back from the DeArmond (something that seems to have been Barker's specialty).

[ Sorry, this instrument has been SOLD ]

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