Chicago Music Exchange
A gorgeous "must visit" location if you are ever in the Chicago vacinity. For many, this will be the first time they ever saw some of these instruments in person! The prices are most definitely at the top of the retail scale but you could spend an afternoon there!

Gruhn Guitars
Vintage guitar collector, dealer, and renown expert in the vintage guitar world. Their inventory is consistently fascinating.

Guitar Works, Ltd.
A "must visit" guitar store if you're in the Chicago area. Terry Straker, one of the kindest guitar dealers you will come across, had a lot to do with my early education of archtop guitars and taught me much about their design and different repair techniques.
Seattle archtop guitar dealer specializing in vintage Gibson and Epiphone guitars and accessories for the player and collector.

Mirabella Guitars
The authority for reproduction vintage guitar parts, guitar restoration, and custom guitar building.

Gary's Classic Guitars
This Ohio guitar dealer has a nice collection of Gibson archtops.

Vintage Guitar Info
General specs, serial numbers, shipping totals, photos. Everything you might need to cross-reference before you buy.

Vintage Guitar Magazine
The online version of the monthly paper that has been used by dealers and collectors since before the internet.

Restoration of a Gretsch Archtop
A great step-by-step restoration of a blonde archtop by The Guitar Specialist.

Mosaic Records Mosaic Records
Ever since finding the 18 CD set, "The Complete Capitol Recordings of the Nat King Cole Trio", I have kept an eye on Mosaic Records. They are devoted exclusively to reissuing jazz recordings in limited-edition boxed sets with full-size booklets that feature biographies, musical analysis, and rare and unpublished photographs. The King Cole Trio set (which is out of print) won the Grammy for Best Historical Album of 1992

Ralph Patt's Jazz Web Page
Ralph Patt, who actually played in the Benny Goodman Orchestra in 1957, has made his "Vanilla Book" available online! It contains basic chord changes to over 400 standard tunes! A great online resource.

Italia Leather Straps
For the finest handmade custom leather guitar & bass straps you'll find nothing better than Italia Leather Straps! Flawlessly crafted with the finest leather and suede I have ever seen, I put this on my main guitar and it hasn't come off since. See mine here.

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